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Enjoy our website filled with original signed acrylic paintings by award winning Artist Michael Arnold.  Located in Citrus County Florida, Michael Arnold is a the editor at the Citrus County Chronicle. When he's not busy being an editor, he is an avid artist who enjoys painting  in a variety of styles.  We hope you take the time to click on each image to see a larger view and to learn what the artist, Michael Arnold has to say about his paintings.

"Rock Through the Ages" original signed acrylic painting of various rock stars by artist Michael Arnold "Saxophone" impressionistic painting of saxophone done in acrylic on canvas modern abstract painting of "Man in Blue Green and Gold" by American  contemporary artist Michael Arnold "Blue Rose" uses mixed media to build a textured unique look at nature's flower, the rose in an impressionistic style "Three Sunflowers" large canvas painting on canvas using impressionism to describe the life of a sunflower LIfe One original painting by Michael Arnold
The Rose thumbnail picture of original signed acrylic painting by Michael Arnold "Tulips" thumbnail picture of impressionism painting of tulips "she's Got Legs" thumbnail picture of painting for sale by artist Michael Arnold "Girl in Brown and Giold" impressionism portrait for sale by artist Michael Arnold "Psychedelic Stipe" second in series of painting of Michael Stipe by artist Michael Arnold Portrait painting "Maribel" done in sepia tones by contemporary artist Michael Arnold
At Michael Arnold Art the visual artist will find all things art. From our artist encyclopedia, filled with fine artists,  to our visual arts dictionary complete with basic art terms and descriptions of each style of visual art. At Michael Arnold Art, we are art at its best.

Michael Arnold is a Florida artist specializing in acrylic paintings. Our special section of Michael Arnold Art original acrylic paintings on canvas display his artwork. Michael Arnold resides in Citrus County Florida  and works as the editor of the Citrus County Chronicle. Crystal River is the winter home for not only snowbirds, but the West Indian Manatee!

Browse through the art for sale, order prints or note cards of the original artwork, or watch a video of artwork set to music. Check out the artwork thumbnails to see all the original artwork and read Michael's "Artist Statement" to discover the man behind the art. If you have any questions regarding purchasing policies, you will find all the answers in our "Policy" section. You also may find some helpful books in our Amazon bookstore.

I also want to give a big shout out to my daughter in law who is a very talented artist. The Den: Art & Photography by Megan Arnold is a website to celebrate the artwork of Megan Arnold. The website centers on Megan's art which can be purchased on the website and also celebrates with photography. Megan's artwork includes interesting pieces like Mercy Me, Gnarly Jackalope, His Holiness, Portland and much more.
"Stipe" thumbnail of painting of Michael Stipe philodendrons original painting by Michael Arnold "Citrus County Courthouse 1900" is a drawing on paper showing the history of Inverness in Citrus County Florida thumbnail picture of Eric Arnold boy in hat pencil drawing
Michael Arnold Art  provides educational information on artists, art styles, art terms, and art appreciation. It is our goal to enhance to pleasure that art can bring to our lives by providing quality information and photos on the visual arts.

For those that appreciate not only visual artists, but musical artists as well, then browse through our "Rock Through the Pages" section. Rock Through the Pages was inspired by the original painting of Michael Arnold titled "Rock Through the Ages". Michael Arnold Art has a bio and  photos on every musical artists from the painting. 

Michael Arnold Art is proud to display thumbnails of many of our art pieces. To see all of our art browse through the menu above or click on our thumbnail page. Each piece of artwork is an orignal Michael Arnold creation by award winnning artist Michael Arnold. Take one of our original artwork designs and add it to your favorite t-shirt  from entripy.com for an original look you  will love to wear!
"Stipe Three" thumbnail of painting of Michael Stipe from the rock band R.E.M. "Girl on the Beach" thumbnail picture of impressionism painting for sale "Strawberry Fields" pop art painting for sale by award winning artist Michael Arnold
"Sunflower Field" is an original painting showing the colorful sunflowers in a post impressionism style "Sunflower" uses a pop art style to show nature's flower, the sunflower. Created by artist Michael Arnold "Boys on the Beach" landscape painting uses realism to bring the beach to life

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