Nature in Art

A rose is a rose is a rose

I have completed a series of paintings on roses. Although the subject stayed the same the outcome was very different.


Sunflowers are my wife's favorite flower so they have become a favorite theme of mine as well. Stay positive like sunflowers, they always turn to face the sun.


Birds are a newer theme for me but the more of them I do the more I want to do more of them. Bears on the other hand have been an old favorite of mine.

When one Canvas is just not enough

Sometimes one canvas just isnt enough to capture what inspired me. In this case it took three oversized canveses to capture what I was wanting to painting This tr triptych painting measures a whopping 7 X 4 Feet !

Citrus County Florida

Citrus County Florida is not only my home but is home to some of the most beautiful nature you will see anywhere. No wonder it has been an inspiration in so much of my work.

Rooty Tutti fresh & fruity

Fruits have a lot of detail and color and make an intersting theme when painting. Can you tell what my favorite fruit is?

The Elements

In these paintings the ocean gets the top billing.

Michael Arnold Art is simply art at its best


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