The Magic Tree

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“The Magic Tree” is an original, signed acrylic painting on canvas by artist Michael Arnold. This painting was inspired by a movie I was watching that had a very unique fig tree in it. I loved the way the tree seemed to have a life of its own and wanted to incorporate its unique shape into one of my paintings. I decided to go with a more whimsical look rather than realism.



Designed and created by Michael Arnold in 2018. The Magic Tree is copyrighted and cannot be duplicated without express permission from the artist.


"The Magic Tree" is an original signed acrylic painting on canvas by award winning artist Michael Arnold.


canvas, acrylic paint, cedar frame


18" X 12" (measurement is in inches and is measured width x height)


"The Magic Tree" is on a standard quality canvas. The sides are not painted and a simple custom cedar frame is attached. The frame may be easily painted, stained or removed.

Made with Love

"Art for me is a creative release, therefore I have no boundaries in my work. I work on what moves me spiritually, visually and creatively."