My favorite artists

TOP Artists: The Masters

Artists like Caravaggio,Rembrandt, and Boucher are some of the greatest artists that ever lived. These artists set the bar for furture artists and created unique styles that are still admired today.

Top Artists: Impressionists

Started in France, the Impressionists fought against the old standard of what was considered art and chose to paint outdoors using plenty of bright colors and less details in their painting. It turned the art world upside down.

Top Artists: Female Artists

Until the 20th century women had little or no opportunity to became an artist. During the Impressionism years several women rose to the top of their class, but only because their husband or father allowed them to pursue their dreams.

Top Artists: Things are not as they seem

Some art doesnt follow any rules of nature. Artists like Dali, Picasso, and Escher made their own rules concerning gravity, space and time.

Top Artists: Landscape Kings

Some artists can look at a landscape and paint it to make you feel like you are actually there. Edward Hopper captured the landscape of rural America within his solitary works, while Turner always captured the light. These artists are my three favorite landscape artists.

Top Artists: artists who capture female spirit

Some artists have a way of capturing the female mystique in a way no other artist can do. These are my three favorite artists who capture the female spirit.

Top Artists: Realism

Realism in the visual arts is the depiction of subjects as they appear in everyday life, without embellishment or interpretation. My top realism artists cover a wide range of styles from photorealism to naturalism.

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