She's got Legs

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“She's Got Legs” is an original, signed acrylic painting on a gallery wrapped canvas by artist Michael Arnold.


My wife appears as the subject in another one of my paintings. This is another pop artwork inspired by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Tom Wesselmann. I spread modeling paste combined with acrylic paint onto the canvas using a makeshift trowel I carved out of plastic. It gives the painting added texture and lines which compliments the simplistic pop art design. The colors by themselves are loud and in your face, but together they blend harmoniously into a pleasing composition.

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Designed and created by Michael Arnold in 2008. This piece is copyrighted and cannot be duplicated without express permission from the artist.


"She's got Legs" is an original signed acrylic painting on canvas by award winning artist Michael Arnold.


canvas, acrylic paint


24" X 36" (measurement is in inches and is measured width x height)


"She's got legs" is on a quality gallery wrapped canvas. All sides are painted with no staples showing. This Michael Arnold original acrylic painting on canvas is ready to be hung and can be displayed with or without a frame.

Made with Love

"Art for me is a creative release, therefore I have no boundaries in my work. I work on what moves me spiritually, visually and creatively."