Flying the Coop

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"Flying the Coop" is an original pencil drawing by Citrus County Florida artist Michael Arnold.


The drawing’s inspiration was from a montage I created using cutout magazine ads. I wanted to merge indoor and outdoor elements with the man in the drawing caught in mid leap between the two. This drawing was one of my first efforts after deciding to take my art more seriously. As a side note, at one time I owned a cabinet shop, and my love for cabinetry is something I wanted to showcase in the artwork.  



Designed and created by Michael Arnold in 2006. This piece is copyrighted and cannot be duplicated without express permission from the artist.


"Flying the Coop" is an original signed graphite drawing on paper by award winning artist Michael Arnold.


paper, graphite


18" X 24" (measurement is in inches and is measured width x height)


"Flying the Coop" is on a quality paper. It would look best in a high quality frame.

Made with Love

"Art for me is a creative release, therefore I have no boundaries in my work. I work on what moves me spiritually, visually and creatively."