Life One

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"Life One" original signed acrylic painting by award winning artist Michael Arnold.


I don’t pretend to know or understand how life formed around us; whether through spontaneous generation, omne vivum ex ovo (everything living from an egg) or intelligent design. My painting, in fact, could be interpreted as all three; I’ll leave that to the viewer to decide. Instead, I’ll talk about how I created “Life One.”

First I picked a focal point and began drawing random diagonals through the focal point. Once I had covered the canvas in diagonals, I alternately painted the spaces formed by the diagonals in watered down magenta and green.

I chose those two colors because I felt they would recede and make the yellows, oranges and reds pop more once they were painted over them. Then using a white colored pencil I freehand sketched the approximation of the Fibonacci Spiral beginning at the focal point. I then began drawing amorphous shapes following the outline of the spiral.

Once the drawing was complete I began painting in two shades of yellows, two shades of oranges and a shade of red. I chose their placement by feel with no real plan of where each color would end up. I built up a half dozen layers of paint through glazes before mixing thicker layers of paint to create the shadows and highlights for the shapes.



Designed and created by Michael Arnold in 2009. This piece is copyrighted and cannot be duplicated without express permission from the artist.


"Life One" is an original signed acrylic painting on canvas by award winning artist Michael Arnold.


canvas, acrylic paint


30" X 40" (measurement is in inches and is measured width x height)


"Life One" is on a quality gallery wrapped canvas. All sides are painted with no staples showing. This Michael Arnold original acrylic painting on canvas is ready to be hung and can be displayed with or without a frame.

Made with Love

"Art for me is a creative release, therefore I have no boundaries in my work. I work on what moves me spiritually, visually and creatively."