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Rock Through the Ages original signed acrylic painting on canvas by Florida artist Michael ArnoldRock Through the Pages is an encyclopedia, featuring information and photos of each of the musical artists featured in the Michael Arnold acrylic painting on canvas "Rock Through the Ages". Each artist link contains interesting facts, a brief biography, photos and videos an artist found in Florida artist Michael Arnold's original acrylic painting “Rock Through the Ages.”  Simply click on the picture of the artist  or album cover to view their individual page!

Award winning Citrus County Florida artist Michael Arnold is quoted as describing the painting "I wanted to paint a picture of some of my favorite musicians. The painting evolved in sketches over several months before I began the painting. However, once I started the painting I changed course several times over the six months it took to complete it. Many of the musical artists I wanted to include had to be left out. This subject begs for a series".

The painting "Rock Through the Ages" may be viewed and purchased here.

It was our goal to make the "Rock Through the Pages" encyclopedia both educational and entertaining. On many of the musical artists it was difficult fitting in all the music and information we wanted to include.

Art takes many shapes and forms and Michael Arnold Art wanted to use this opportunity to add musical artists to our website which features painters and other visual artists. Many of the musical artists listed in our encyclopedia are creative in areas beyond music and many either have an art degree of some sort or attended art school.

Just as our musical artists have links to visual art, many of the artists and painters in our artist encyclopedia have a strong tie with music. Painters like Kandinsky, Stuart Davis, and James Whistler all attribute music as a driving force in their artwork.

Stuart Davis is quoted as saying "I have always liked hot music. There's something wrong with any American who doesn't. But I never realized that it was influencing my work until one day I put on a favorite record and listened to it while I was looking at a painting I had just finished. Then I got a funny feeling. If I looked, or if I listened, there was no shifting of attention. It seemed to amount to the same thing--like twins, a kinship. After that, for a long time, I played records while I painted".

Whatever way artists choose to express themselves creatively, both visual and musical artists enhance our life by sharing their artistic gift with the world. If you have any input you would like to share with us about our musical artists featured in the Rock Through the pages encyclopedia, please feel free to email us.
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