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example of quadrafoil in art example of quillwork in art example of raigo style of art raku art style example of realism in art
Quadrafoil Quillwork Raigo Raku Realism
repousse artwork rhyton style of artwork ribbon interlace design rinceau style of art example of a rose window
 Repousse Rhyton Ribbon Interlace Rinceau Rose Window
example of scarification a sculpture in the round example of sfumato art example of sgraffito art a shoji wall
Scarification Sculpture in the round Sfumato Sgraffito Shoji
example of sinopia artwork example of stele artwork a still life painting example example of a stupa design examples of stylus
Sinopia stele Still life Stupa stylus
Quatrefoil- A four lobed decorative pattern common in Gothic art and architecture.

Quillwork- A native American decorative craft technique. the quills of porcupines and bird feathers are dyed and attached to materials in patterns.

Raigo- A painted image that depicts the Amida Buddha and other Buddhist deities welcoming the soul of a dying worshipper to paradise.

Raku- A type of ceramic pottery made by hand, coated with a thick, dark glaze and fired at a low heat. The resulting vessels are irregularly shaped and glazed and are highly prized for use in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Readymade- An object from popular or material culture presented without further manipulation as an artwork by the artist.

Realism- In art, a term first used in Europe around 1850 to designate a kind of naturalism with a social or political message, which soon lost it's didactic import and became synonymous with naturalism.

Register- A device used in systems of spatial definition. In painting a register indicates the use of differing ground lines to differentiate layers of space within an image. In sculpture, the placement of self contained bands of reliefs in vertical arrangement.

Reintegration- Anthropological term for the process of adaptation and transformation of European techniques and styles by artists in colonial areas.

Replica- A very close copy of a painting or sculpture, sometimes done by the same artist who did the original. (Vincent van Gogh did over 10 replicas of his "Sunflower " painting)

Repousse- A technique of hammering metal from the back to create protruding images. Elaborate reliefs are created with wooden armatures against which the metal sheets are pressed and hammered.

Rhyton- A vessel in the shape of a figure or an animal, used for drinking or pouring liquids on special occasions.

Ribbon interlace- A linear decoration made up of interwoven bands, often found in Celtic and Northern European art of the medieval period.
Rinceau- A decorative foliage scroll, usually acanthus.

Rood- a crucifix.

Rose window- A round window, often filled with stained glass, with tracery patterns in the form of wheel spokes. Large elaborate rose windows are usually a central element of the facade of French Gothic cathedrals.

Running Spirals- A decorative motif based on the shape formed by a line making a continuous spiral. "Life One" is an abstract painting using a running spiral as it's base. 

Sand painting- Ephemeral religious art created with different colored sands by Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, and other peoples in Japan and Tibet.

Scarification- Ornamental marks, scars, or scratches made on the human body.

Sculpture in the round- Three dimensional sculpture that is carved free of any attaching background or block.

Sepia- An ink medium often used in drawing that has an extremely rich, dark brownish tone. "Maribel" was painted using sepia tones.

Sfumato- Italian term meaning "smoky", soft, and mellow. In painting the effect of haze in an image. Resembling the color of the atmosphere at dusk. Sfumato gives a smoky effect.

Sgraffito- Decoration made by incising or cutting away a surface layer of materials to reveal a different color beneath.

Shade- Any area of artwork that is shown through various technical means to be in shadow. Shading the technique of making such an effect.

Shoji- A standing Japanese screen covered in translucent rice paper and used in interiors.

Sinopia- The preparatory deign or under-drawing of a fresco. Also a reddish chalklike earth pigment.

Slip- A mixture of clay and water applied to a ceramic object as a final decorative coat. Also a solution that binds different parts of a vessel together, such as the handle and the main body.

Stele (stelae)- A stone slab placed vertically and decorated with inscriptions or reliefs, used as a grave marker or memorial.

Still Life- A type of painting that has as it's subject matter inanimate objects, such as food, dishes, fruit, or flowers.

Stretcher- The wooden framework on which an artist's canvas is attached, usually with tacks, nails or staples. Also a reinforcing horizontal brace between the legs of a piece of furniture as a chair.

Stupa- In Buddhist architecture, a bell-shaped or pyramidal religious monument, made of piled earth or stone and containing sacred relics.

Style- A particular manner, form or character of representation, construction, or expression typical of an individual artist or of a certain school or period.

Stylus- An instrument with a pointed end used for writing or printmaking, which makes a delicate line or scratch, Also a special writing tool for cuneiform writing with one pointed end and one triangular wedge end.

- Adjective describing a concept, thing, or state of high spirited moral, or intellectual value; or something awe-inspiring. The sublime was a goal to which many nineteenth century artists aspired in their artworks.

Swag- Ornament representing a garland of fruit or flowers draped in a curve between two points.

Syncretism- In religion or philosophy, the union of different ideas or principles.
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