Michael Arnold Art Glossary: Letter M

an example of majolica in Michael Arnold Art

 glossary an example of maki-e in Michael Arnold Art

 glossary an example of mandala art in Michael Arnold Art

 glossary an example of Mandoria art in Michael Arnold Art

 glossary an example of mememto mori artwork in Michael Arnold Art

Majolica Maki-e Mandala Mandoria Memento Mori
an example of mithuna art in Michael Arnold Art

 glossary an example of a mobile in Michael Arnold Art

 glossary module artwork example in Michael Arnold Art

 glossary mosaic artwork defined in Michael Arnold Art

work glossary mudra symbol shown in Michael Arnold Art

Mithuna Mobile Module Mosiac Mudra
Majolica- Pottery painted with a tin glaze that, when fired, gives a lustrous and colorful surface.

Maki-e- In Japanese art, the effect achieved by sprinkling gold or silver powder on successive layers of lacquer before each layer dries.

Mandala- An image of the cosmos represented by an arrangement of circles or concentric geometric shapes containing diagrams or images. Used for meditation and contemplation by Buddhists.

Mandoria- Light encircling or emanating from the entire figure of a sacred person.

Manifesto- A written declaration of an individual's or groups ideas, purposes, and intentions. The Futurist art manifesto was written by a group of artists including, Gino Severini.

Matte- Term describing a smooth surface that is without shine or luster.

Mediums- In general the material from which any given object is made. In painting, the liquid substance in which pigments are suspended.

Memento mori- From Latin for "remember that you must die"". An object, such as a skull or extinguished candle, typically found in a vanitas image, symbolizing the transience of life. "The Repentant Magdalene" by Georges de la Tour is a great example with a candle, a book and a skull shown with the woman.

Memory image- An image that relies on the generic shapes and relationships that readily spring to mind at the mention of an object.

Metope- The carved or painted rectangular panel between the triglyphs of a Doric frieze

Middle ground- Within the depicted space of an artwork, the area that takes up the middle distance of the image.

Mithuna- The amorous male and female couples in Buddhist sculpture, usually found at the entrance to a sacred building. The mithuna symbolize the harmony and fertility of life.

Mobile- A sculpture made with parts suspended in such a way that they move in a current of air.

Modeling- In painting, the process of creating the illusion of three dimensionality on a two dimensional surface by use of light and shade. In sculpture, the process of molding a three dimensional form out of a malleable substance.

Module- A segment or portion of a repeated design. Also a building block.

Molding- A shaped or sculptured strip with varying contours and patterns. Used as decoration on architecture, furniture, frames, and other objects.

Monoprint- A single print pulled from a hard surface, such as a blank plate or stone, that has been prepared with a painted design. Each print is an individual artwork, as the original design is a transient one, largely lost in the printing process. Also called monotype.

Mosaic- Images formed by small colored stone or glass pieces (tesserae) affixed to a hard, stable surface.

Motif- Any recurring element of a design or composition. Also: a recurring theme or subject n artwork. Michael Arnold Art created a  Michael Stipe motif with "Stipe", "Psychedelic Stipe", and "Stipe Three".

Movable type printing- A method of printing text in which the individual letters cast on small pieces of metal, are assembled into words on a mechanical press. When each edition was complete, the type could be reused for the next project.

Mudra- A symbolic hand gesture in Buddhist art that denotes certain behaviors, actions, or feelings.

Mural- wall like. A large painting or decoration, done either directly on a wall or separately and affixed to it.
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